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Posted on: 15-02-2018

With the rapidly-evolving technologies the futuristic change of the hospitals may look quite different than the hospitals today. The main scenario which focuses the digital technologies in order to evolve or to offer its services are mainly depends upon the inpatient and outpatient patients.

With the aging infrastructure the hospitals looks to optimize its services by creating a system integrating with digital technologies while eliminating the traditional approach. In order to know what the future hospitals look like the answer is simple. Enhancement of medical industry capabilities globally to the patients, not like anything in the past few years, with a Redefined Care Delivery, Electronic Health Records, Operational Efficiencies through Technologies and Digital Patient Experience.

The average Hospital Inpatient Services have been reduced to 15% considering in the last ten years, with the advancements in technology. In the near future Robotic Health Assistant Simulations will be in practice from 2025 onwards. As a result of the Artificial Intelligence the decision making systems have a command equipped “Centralized Clinical Command Centers and Digital Continuous Monitoring”.

With the expert systems, the Digital Patient Experience will be visualized through Virtual Care Assistants (VCA), which will monitor the patients continually to the patient’s chart via central command through new technological advancements like 3D-Printing, Robotics, Nanotechnology and Genetic Coding.

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