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Posted on: 05-01-2018

With the onset of Technological Revolution and significant presence of EHR – Electronic Health Records, the health care Industry has become global, enabling or facilitating the flow of information across boundaries.

The EHR are the digital driven records, where the data has been stored digitally and can monitor at any point of time. The hospitals have started integrating their systems towards EHR which made the practices easy in order to maintain and monitor the records digitally.

The history of medical records which follow the, traditional practices of clinical documentation based on the paper based records, which are ineffective at the time of data retrieval. These traditional medical records are restricted to a particular place without allowing a global vision on the patient’s health conditions.

Technological World has evolved like anything in the last two decades. With the implementation of EHR, the sharing of healthcare information between the providers has a significance result in the improved outcomes of patient’s care and reduced the clinical records errors. With the proper design of EHR systems have eliminated the need of transcriptions on paper and the EHR systems have helped the healthcare providers with the better exchange of improved communication with the laboratory results, scans and reports.

The Global Economic Report survey predicts that the EHR Industry will see a significant growth rate of 5.53% Compounded Annually by 2020.

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